Our main activity is the translation of all types of documents.
We translate texts from all sources to all languages.

types of translation

  • Sworn translations: official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, criminal record certificates, verdicts, dossiers and academic titles, powers of attorney, notarised documents, contracts…
  • General translation: letters, CVs, brochures, informative texts…
  • Technical translations: manuals, instructions, user guides, research work, theses, projects, patents… in diverse fields such as the motor industry, telecommunications, biology, medicine, agriculture, chemistry…
  • Legal translation: all types of legal texts such as deeds, contracts…
  • Financial translations: financial reports, accountant’s reports, banking, the stock exchange…
  • The translation of websites
  • Software localisation
  • The translation of advertising material: brochures, PowerPoint presentations, marketing campaigns…
  • Literary translation: novels, essays, editorials…


  1. When the files arrive, the first thing that is done is a check of their condition, of the sources, the project is distributed among the translators, the guidelines to be followed in the translation are established, etc. This is what we call project management.
  2. The documents are translated. The translation process usually varies depending on the characteristics, delivery times, etc. If it is a project with a reasonable deadline, it is translated by a single translator. If the deadlines are tight, the work is divided among several translators to advance the work as much as possible.
  3. The proofreading, carried out by a person other than the one who translated the text, focuses on identifying possible errors in the understanding of the target language, as well as spelling mistakes, inadequate translation, etc.
  4. The text is read.
  5. Finally, and if there is still time, the translation is set aside for a few days and reviewed again later, in case anything has slipped through the net. In practice, the number of revisions depends on the delivery time, the longer it is, the more revisions will be made.
  6. The translation is delivered to the client and the changes requested by them are introduced.

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