Professionalism above all.

a dedicated team

Objective: quality

At abm Communication Management S.L., we have a team of qualified professionals who, along with our Project Management experts, have been the key to our achieving a broad and consolidated portfolio of clients which is constantly expanding.

They are graduates in translation and interpretation and philology, endorsed by titles such as sworn interpreter which is recognised throughout the European Union, and they also have extensive experience in the field of translation and proofreading. We complement our linguistic team with graduates in graphic arts and technicians in subtitling, whether standard or for the hard of hearing.

All of them undergo a rigorous selection process in which their knowledge of the fields they work in, their linguistic combination, and their professional experience are analysed.

In addition, our in-house team of project coordinators is responsible for supervising translations and editorial work, as well as conducting thorough quality controls to ensure that the project meets your complete satisfaction: a job well done and tailored to your needs.

work method

Objective: quality.

Each client has different needs, and at abm Communication Management S.L., we are fully aware of this. Therefore, every time you entrust us with a task, we will assign a project coordinator who will ensure that each and every translation we do for your company is adapted to the corresponding language and requirements.

Our project coordinators will assign your project to the most suitable professional, supervising its development at all times. Supported by the work of our team of specialised linguistic experts who are responsible for the development of glossaries and translation memories, the project coordinator will also be responsible for reviewing the final product to fulfil each client’s specific needs and ensure their satisfaction.

Our team of translators, interpreters, experts in graphic arts, and audiovisual techniques allows us to handle large volumes of work and accept urgent projects without neglecting quality. We have state-of-the-art software and are familiar with leading programs in each field.

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